1 SYNC 200 series – IED Protocol Upgrade Module


With the advent of superior protocols like IEC 61850, there is an increasing need for Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) to be compliant with these new protocols while still maintaining interoperability with legacy ones. Kalkitech’s SYNC 200 series of embedded chip products act as upgrade cards for incorporating latest smart grid substation and metering protocols in existing IED equipment design.
SYNC 200 module series offer the IED manufacturers the ability to upgrade to support almost any protocol like IEC 61850, DNP3.0, IEC 608570-5-101 / 103 / 104 and DLMS/COSEM with minimal change in product design, enabling faster go-to-market, while saving on R&D and product development costs.

2 SYNC 2000 series – Protocol Gateway / Converter


The SYNC 2000 series of products come with real-time embedded Linux operating system, and support a host of protocols including IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101/103/104, DLMS/COSEM, Modbus as well as legacy and proprietary protocols such as SPA Bus, and Courier. SYNC 2000 devices are also versatile communication devices, and offer the option of adding an internal GPRS/CDMA modem. They also have the capability to support secure VPN connections over dynamic IP. With options for higher grade enclosures (IP65) SYNC 2000 is perfect for various field IED aggregation requirements whether in Transmission or Distribution substations or in Pad-mount / Pole-top cabinets
SYNC 2000 is an ideal IEC61850 Gateway, used to connect various downstream devices to SCADA / EMS systems. Being a multi-protocol gateway SYNC 2000 can integrate IEDs of various pr0tocols and transmit over IEC 61850 (or any other protocol), thus a future-proof option and savings on long term upgradability costs.

3 SYNC 3000 series – Substation DCU


Kalkitech SYNC 3000 series is a range of high-performance data concentrators and communication devices that serve as the ideal substation communication hub with advanced features including redundancy, robustness and security features compliant with IEC and NERC-CIP standards. SYNC 3000 supports a wide range of protocols including ICCP TASE.2 (IEC 60870-6), IEC 61850 GOOSE, DNP3.0 and can support up to 12 RS232/485 and 6 Ethernet ports. SYNC 3000 also supports IEC-61131-3 (optional) advanced logic programming.

4 SYNC 6000 series – SCL Manager : IEC 61850 Substation Configuration Tool


Kalkitech IEC 61850 SCL Manager is a comprehensive graphical tool that allows user to create, configure, view and edit all the substation elements and its data models as specified in Substation Configuration Language specification of IEC 61850. SCL Manager enable users to configure Substation and all its elements and helps to make the substation IEC 61850 compliant.

5 SYNC 500 series – DLMS COSEM Protocol Library


Kalkitech’s DLMS COSEM (IEC 62056) ANSI C Source Code Libraries are designed to help you support DLMS on your metering hardware within a very short time, with a field proven and conformance tested protocol stack implementation. The libraries are DLMS UA attested and in ANSI C Source Code which can be cross-compiled into your target platform. The Source Code Libraries are available for both Client and Server DLMS-COSEM applications. Pre-compiled object libraries are also available on all major metering chip models, so that the implementation and testing lead time is significantly reduced.
Kalkitech provides an easy upgrade path for Meter OEMs to implement DLMS/ COSEM protocol in their existing/ new meters by providing a DLMS Server Source Code/ Object Library (ANSI C). The stack has been written keeping in mind the hardware resource constraints typically found in metering hardware platforms and provides flexibility to trade-off between ROM and RAM storage for several large-footprint items (like configuration information, object OBIS lists).
DLMS COSEM Source Code Library now supports DLMS COSEM TCP/IP UDP Profile also.

Key advantages of Kalkitech DLMS COSEM stack include:

  • ANSI C Code that can run on all ANSI C compilers and processors
  • More than 50+ meter implementations
  • DLMS UA Attested
  • Client and Server Source Code
  • Client Test Tools for validating implementation in the meter or modem
  • Subsidized implementation consulting and training provided
  • Flexible Licensing for Meters, AMR Software, Hand-Held readers, Modems, Data Concentrators
  • Supports Indian DLMS COSEM Companion Standard

6 Design and implementation services

Kalkitech Advanced Metering Solutions provide utilities with consulting and engineering services to design, develop, validate, simulate and then deploy communication systems for advanced metering infrastructure. Kalkitech's standards based approach helps utilities to ensure that their investment in these latest technologies are not tied to proprietary systems or locked in for future upgrade.

Engineering services (http://www.kalkitech.com/services/engineering-grid-automation/)
End-to-end product engineering services for leading T&D manufacturers in advanced Smart Grid areas including protocols (IEC61850, ICCP, DNP3), communication technologies (Zigbee, PLC) and applications (WAMS, disturbance data analysis, data concentration)

Field Services (http://www.kalkitech.com/services/field-services-grid-automation/)
Kalkitech offers engineering, commissioning and maintenance services for grid control centers, both transmission and distribution control centers, built on decades of expertise in automation and SCADA systems

Consulting Services (http://www.kalkitech.com/services/consulting-grid-automation/)
Kalkitech is a leading player in Smart Grid consultancy and training services in the field of grid automation protocols including IEC 61850, ICCP TASE.2, IEEEC37.118 implementation

Protocolos compatibles:

SCL, SCL Configuration Tool, Carbon Credits, Clean Energy, DNP3, IEEE C37.118, IEC 61850, IEC 61850, IEC 62351, NERC, CIP, NIST, FIPS 140-2, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC, DNP, MODBUS, Engineering Services, Field Services, IEC 60870-5-102, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104, ICCP, TASE.2, IEC 60870-6-503, UCA2, UCA, IEC 61850, SCADA, MicroSCADA, SPIDER, Wonderware, IFix, Intellution, Lookout, ABT, Availability Based Tariff System, Power Generation, Power Transmission, Power Distribution, T&D, CITY SCADA, PLC, GE 90-30, GE 90-70, GE PCM Module, IEC Source Code Libraries, Training, Protocol Validation, Protocol Testing, Sub-Contracting, Outsourcing, Contract Engineering, Contract Development, ABB, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Larsen and Toubro, ECIL, InTouch, Driver Development, Memobus, Yaskawa, Memobus Plus, OMRON, Fuji PLC, OPC Driver Development, OPC Memobus Driver, OPC Custom Driver Development, OPC Training, OPC Software, DDE Drivers, TCP/IP Drivers, Socket Programming, Logistics, Control and Automation Solutions, Turnkey Projects, Protocol Converter, Protocol Translator, RTU Commissioning, SCADA Commissioning, RTU Engineering, Software Development Center, India Development Center, IEC 870-5, IEC 870-5-101, IEC 870 5 101, IEC 870-5-102, IEC 870 5 102, Protocol Gateways, ICCP, Protocol Converter, Station Bus, Process Bus, CIM, XML, WAMS, Wide Area Monitoring System, RAS, Remedial Action Scheme, GOOSE BLASTER, GOOSE, RAS, AC450, SPAZC400, COM500, COM600, 800XA, PMU, Phasor Measurement Unit, PDC, Phasor Data Concentrator, Feeder RTU, GPRS Gateway, Mobile Gateway, DLMS COSEM, DLMS, DLMS Source Code Library, IEC 62056, IEEE 1588, IEC 61970, Enterprise Integration, Smart Grid, AMI, AMR, Intelligent Grid, Intelligrid, Substation, Substation Gateway, Substation Automation, Load Shedding, EMS, Substation Switch, Load Flow Analysis, Short Circuit Analysis, Transient Stability Analysis, Relay Co-ordination, Harmonic Analysis, Optimal Power Flow, Load Flow, Load Forecasting, Load Balancing, Distributed Computing, Distributed Generation, Power Storage, CDM, CER, biodiesel, Transformer Monitoring

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